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10 February 2014
Hydra Gardening studia e progetta per voi la realizzazione dei vostri spazi verdi, sia che questi siano dei giardini, dei parchi o semplicemente delle terrazze o un angolo della vostra casa, consigliandovi...

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10 February 2014
Hydra gardening nasce innanzitutto come azienda specializzata in studio e realizzazione di impianti di irrigazione sia per piccoli giardini che per grosse serre e coltivazioni industriali, da sempre ci...

Presentation and history

Hydra since the 1985 is managing in the agriculture business and was specialized in the creation of professional irrigation systems, the inspiration naturally arrived to the Bisetto Trevisin's brothers by the fact that they were born and grown in a place: Treporti, situated a footstep from the lagoon in Venice and famous for the production of vegetables, fruit and plants thanks to the characteristic and benevolent offered by the mild and moderate climate.

Their activity begins with the opening of a first point sale in Treporti offering a large range of products , tools and services dedicated to the agriculture. In the back of this first shop they installed a small factory in which they were starting with the assemblage of the first systems for irrigation of open fields they were planning and selling.

Recently they enlarged their activity with the openings of two new points sale: one at Lido di Venezia and one located in the real commercial heart of Venice, a stones-throw from Rialto's Bridge with the consequent division of Hydra into some diversified sectors.

From that moment Hydra has been divided in three separate marks:

The original mark HYDRA was maintained and was addressed to the sector of the company dedicated to the planning and realization of botanical preparations for inside, for gardens, balconies and private parks. Plants and flowers nursery, agronomic consultations and realization of biological gardens with low environmental impact, employing natural anti-parasitical treatments, like using predatory bugs.

In our shop of the Lido di Venezia are available plants and flowers of every kind, vases and objects of various type, a vast range of furniture for garden, small system of irrigation, produced for gardening and to not forget about our small friends we sell a great variety of Pet-food and Pet-care products.

The sector of the company dedicated specifically to agriculture and the to the computerized systems of irrigation at industrial level is now represented by the mark FRATELLI BISETTO TREVISIN.

This branch of the company is dedicated to the planning, the sale and the assistance of computerized system of irrigation for big manufacturing company specialized in production of botanical and agricultural products; to the construction of computerized systems for the climatic management of greenhouses, systems of flow and reflux, systems for the cultivation out ground, systems of filtration and dank wings.

In the point of sale in Treporti is possible to find an infinity of products as pomps, electro-valves, complete systems of irrigation, pipes in polyethylene and PVC, links of various type, agricultural products as seeds, fertilizers, peats that we furnish both to national and foreign firms, and also objects for hobbyist and professional agricultural materials.

LA DOGARESSA is the last invention of the family Bisetto Trevisin Project. This is your flowers Shop located in the commercial heart of Venice, exactly in Campo San Cassiano just a step away from the Rialto Bridge and his market. Specialized in the sale of every kind of plants and flowers our personnel will always offer to you his professional assistance and the correct answer to your questions. Among the activities of the shop we remark the realization of services personalized with floral decorations for banquets, marriages and every event that needs our imagination to give a touch of color and grace to your most important moments.

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